Union Revival

About the Band

Allow us to introduce the band and tell you some thing about their history.

The band have, over the past few years, evolved into one that reached No 4 in the European Country Indie Chart with their first single. They can be regularly be heard on radio in France, Holland, Denmark and Scotland.

Kevin Whatley (lead singer & rhythm guitar)

Kevin started out playing, as a teenager, in pubs, clubs and other venues, as a guitarist, with a rock band. In recent years he has become enthusiastically involved in the country music scene. He feels that he has found his niche with Union Revival as lead singer and rythm guitarist.

Kevin, as a founder member of the band, has a great pride in the band and constantly strives to expand their musical repertoire.

Tony Cook (lead guitar & backing vocals)

Tony has played in duos and bands, playing blues and folk music, with a natural progression to country music. He plays the lead guitar and provides some backing vocals.

Being joint founder of the band he is one of the driving forces and puts a lot of "behind the scenes" effort into making the band the sucess it is today.

Larry Shaw (bass guitar)

Larry's roots go back to the Reading and West London area rhythm and blues scene of 1963. Settled down to a long career in Engineering, but kept touch with music and formed Folk/Country band 'Oakridge' in '73. Last band was 'Slink' before the quieter melodies of Country called him back.

Tony Spence (drums)

In his early days has played rock and roll and blues music, but his main niche has been country music for the last 25/30 years. He has played with some of the most well known bands on the country circuit and is well travelled. He has toured with 'Nashville Nights and Dixie Days' theatre production and the 'Patsy Cline' tribute shows. The newest memeber of Union Revival he hopes to make his stay a long one.